Book Release: Citizen Farmers

Citizen Farmers – The Biodynamic Way to Grow Healthy Food, Build Thriving Communities and Give Back to the Earth IACP Cookbook Award Winner in the Food Matters category, with its focus on ecological sustainability, has emerged as the gold standard in the organic gardening movement. In this engaging call to action, Farmer D teaches us to […]

How to plan a community garden

Farmer D has a lot of experience planning community gardens in the Southeast. Here he’ll share practices to ensure that all members of your community can participate in the garden and enjoy the fruits of their labor:  Community gardens have become the new hangout at parks, schools, places of worship, previously-empty lots, and any other […]

Mining Black Gold

We’re excited to share this great infographic on compost from FIX, and we’re willing to bet it’ll have you planning your compost system if you don’t have one already. Source:

Farmer D and the Tao of Composting

This week is International Compost Awareness Week and we’ll be bringing you lots of great tips and inspiration for starting or growing your compost pile. we’ll also share why simply diverting your food scraps from the landfill is a good idea.  Citizen Farmer’s author Daron ‘Farmer D’ Joffe was recently featured on the Mother Nature […]

Spotlight on: Robby Astrove of Atlanta, GA

We are so excited to bring you the next installment in our Citizen Farmer profile series on Robby Astrove: an arborist, educator, organizer and musician too! Robby Astrove is an environmental educator, fruit tree arborist, and community organizer living in Atlanta Georgia.  As an environmental educator and naturalist for over 10 years, Robby works with […]

Spotlight on: Amy Pennington of Seattle, WA

We’re thrilled to bring your our first Citizen Farmers profile on Amy Pennington!  Amy and I met years ago at a mutual friend’s wedding, and with our two green thumbs, we immediately hit it off. She is a good friend and an amazing leader of the farm to table movement in the Pacific Northwest.  Amy Pennington is a […]

“I wonder if the victory gardens should not have stopped at the end of World War II but continued and expanded globally. Even if each of us produced only a portion of our own fruit, vegetables, and meat, how much would that decrease the need for unsustainably large industrial and family farms and the government […]