Citizen Farmers

cultivating the gardener within

Dylan Bagnasco, a landscape designer/planner and outdoorsman from central Texas, interviews Farmer D on his podcast Land Ethic.  

They discuss his unique career path, agrihood developments including Serenbe, Georgia, where Farmer D is living now, and the role of mysticism and culture in cultivation. 

Follow Land Ethic and Dylan as he explores naturalism, conservation, and stewardship through thoughtful interviews on Land Ethic.

Farmer D joins long time friend Joe Gardener on his podcast, The joe gardener Show.

"Since early adulthood, Daron has been driven by the belief that the world is a better place when our everyday lives are enmeshed in the act of interacting with the soil through gardening and farming. Through hard work and fortuitous opportunity, he’s crisscrossed the country building farms and gardens and contributing to the agrihood movement, while cultivating food and community Along the way, he’s stacked up an impressive list of far-reaching agricultural accomplishments through his efforts." 

Heifer International is on a mission to end hunger and poverty in a sustainable way by supporting and investing alongside local farmers and their communities.

Pierre Ferrari, President and CEO of Heifer International and Farmer D have a lively conversation discussing the potential to scale biodynamic farming and build thriving farming communities.