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Establishing your own homestead is a life-changing journey that cultivates your relationship with the land, your food, your family, and your community. We have worked with clients on projects of all scopes and sizes, based on their unique needs.

Our clients have found that the best place to start is to get help developing a clear plan. This may take the form of a sketch diagram or detailed site plans. This process clarifies a phased approach, which helps our clients make informed decisions on how to proceed with building out their vision. We’re happy to support you in making your dreams a reality, whether that means getting hands in the soil with you, detailing plans, or coaching you along the way.

- Concept plans of your homestead
- Focus area plans where more detail is needed
- Infrastructure requirements
- Crop plans, planting plans & growing guides
- Storage & structure recommendations & lay-outs
- Maintenance guidelines
- Opportunities for future farm enhancements

Designed to grow

YOur Homesteading Toolkit includes:

How do I get started?

Step one: Reflect on your objectives. Read stories of other homesteaders and farms that resonate for you. Get inspired! If you're already here reading this, we suspect you're feeling pretty curious about what it would be like to be a homesteader yourself.

Step two: Submit the form below to schedule a consultation with one of our expert farm designers. On our call we'll further clarify your needs, priorities, and constraints and give you a chance to get to know us and our philosophy. This one-hour consultation costs $200. Payment is due upon scheduling your call with one of our specialists.

Step three: After your consultation, we'll provide you with a customized proposal based on your unique project and the initial framework for your Homesteading Toolkit. We offer various levels of service to support you, but whichever way you go, you'll have this Toolkit framework to guide you on your way. 

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“Being that we are beginners, there was so much research to be done that there was no way we could do it ourselves, so we were just over the moon when we found Farmer D”.
                                         - Kristina, California

“When we first bought the property and designed the house, I still wish we could have gone back and done what we are doing with Farmer D now from the very beginning, because it’s actually the most important part to us.”
                                         - Emily, Georgia